Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Madness of God

Dibawah bayang-bayang rimbun pohon, wajahnya menoleh. Seraut wajah mengerikan menampakkan diri. Dia masih tetap saja membual dengan suara kerasnya :

I perform His service. I do not seek from Him any accounting for it. I deceive men in this way, but in these wrong there are a thousand right. If I am a liar, it is God’s lie I am telling. To sharpen the sword, He beats it against the stone. Not with tenderness does He cultivated the garden of His creation, but with salt and venom. All to His end – not mine. Who curses me ? It is cowardice to curse the King’s sword just because it touches your neck. Who wields the sword ? Too cowardly to curse the King, you curse His instrument though His instrument is entirely obedient to the will of the King

Makhluk itu menunjuk ke langit. Beserta dengan segala makhluk yang disesatkannya, dia menjatuhkan tuduhan dan hinaan yang tiada taranya. Siapa yang berkuasa atas dirinya :

If He commands me to disobey the outward command, how will I refuse ? If He wished me to bow down, certainly it was within His power to make me bow down. Or do you still imagine Him such a weakling that I could oppose him ?

Dia dijatuhkan atas nama pemberontakan dan pembangkangan. Tetapi dia menyalahkan siapa yang memberikan namanya : SETAN. Tak ada tempat yang tersisa baginya di surga. Tetapi di dunia, dia merayu segala ciptaan agar berdiri di belakangnya dan terus berteriak :

For 700.000 years among the angels my worship was best and I attained the paradise of His presence. But my worship was selfish. If a man wears a black coat and is spattered with blood at the slaughterhouse, it is nothing. If a man wears a white coat, a drop of blood from his nose is peril. I worshipped Him for my sake, for my delight at His pleasure. In the doorway to my salvation, I myself blocked the way. By His sanctity, I thought myself sanctified. By His purity, I thought myself purified. But the stain of my insolence, even measuring a thimbleful, corrupted me and He cast me out. He expelled me from the court of His nearness. Deprive of His beauty, my feature became ugly. Deprived of His effulgence, my world became dark. His curse was my name. He stripped me of rank and called me DEVIL.

Dan tuduhannya-pun menjadi-jadi : Tuhan adalah penipu, si gila dari segala yang gila :

Look at the misery and suffering He was wrought in this world. Look at what that Monster has wrought for His amusement ! If it is pure, He defiles it ! If it is sweet, He make it sour ! If it has value, He makes it worthless ! He is a clown and trickster, a liar an a madman. And His madness has made me madder still !