Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Madness of God

O Merciful One, there is no other God than You. You are the Creator, the Uncreated. You are the All-Seeing, the Unseen. You are Immanent in Your creation. No knowledge encompasses You, You whose knowledge encompasses all things. No sight can take You in. No word can describe You. No praise befits You.

Dan Tuhan pun tersenyum di ujung sana. Tersenyum akan penggambaran yang sangat indah tentang eksistensi-Nya.

O Knowing One, the world is Yours, but You are not the world. You define creation but not defined by it. You posses, but are not possessed. You encompasses, but are not encompassed. You are above the world, but stand always in the midst of it. You cannot be comprehended through Your creation, and Your creation cannot be comprehended except through You.

Dan Tuhan menganggukkan kepalanya. CiptaanNya hanya bisa dimengerti hanya melalui DiriNya.

Tapi kemudian datang Si Iblis, dan gugatannya pun meradang :

At my provocation Adam sinned. And at whose provocation di I sin ? I worshipped God for 700.000 years. No place is left in Heaven or on Earth where I did not bow down to Him. How could I repent for obeying the will of God. I bow down to none but God.

Gugatannya masih tetap membara dan penuh dengan kemarahan :

No more than He commands must I preform. I am the entirely obedient to the will of God; how else could it be ? There is room for no other power but His power. I have no will of my own. Do not say that I am the man’s affliction. Man is my affliction. For Adam’s sake, I was cursed. For Adam’s sins, I was condemned. What I accused him of it, it was all true. Because I would not bow down in dust to worship the son of dust, I was struck down.

Si Iblis masih saja memaki dan menghujat :

God said “I wil give you dominion over them, to find out which of them would follow any other than Me. I will fill up Hell with those who follow you”. He choose me to rebel; I did not choose the rebellion. I fixed my heart on Him from the day He created me to this day. I was fashioned to worship Him. I have no choice in the matter. Where in the midst of His transcendent authority has He left a choice for me ? All choice, including mine, belong to Him. He already chose for me. To Him belong the free choices of all who pressume to choose. If He prevents me from bowing, how I will defy Him ? And if He caused me to sin in speech, how will I speak in my defense ?

Every day I say to Him “O God, the sons of Adam reject You and You are generous to them and You exalt them. Yet I, who have loved You and worshipped You with a fitting worship, am made contemptible and deformed.

Semakin menggila dan semakin memerah :

I accept God’s command and do not question Him concerning whom He curses or whom He blesses-for it is all His choice. Nor do I seperate volition from action, for I consider no dominion apart from God’s dominion. His dominion is complete. He is Lord not merely of what is good. What other call evil is well within His power. By His power He call evil into existence.

Dapatkah kita menjawab gugatan Iblis atas kegilaan Tuhan ?